Build A Niche Store Review – Does BANS Work Or Is Build A Niche Store A Scam?

Build a niche store is simply a software you can use to build targeted eBay niche websites. It works with the help of eBay affiliate program. If you don’t know what an affiliate program is all about. An affiliate program gives you the opportunity as an individual entrepreneur to promote the products of a company in return for a percentage on all sales that you refer. eBay affiliate program is the most used program which internet marketers use to make money online. It pays you 75% of the gain they derive from each eBay sale that you generate and also 35% for each new active eBay member you recruit.

Buildanichestore makes promoting eBay products super easy. You can use it to target a particular eBay niche, lets say if you want to promote the cars people sell at eBay. With the help of BANS, you would be able to create a website in as little as 10 minutes listing all varieties of cars available for sale at eBay, displaying the picture of the car, bids amount and the cost of the car etc in your own website. This acts as a means through which you send targeted traffic to eBay and money into your affiliate account. All those products in your eBay niche store automatically contain your eBay affiliate id. When you send visitors to your website and they select the car they wants to buy by clicking on it, they would be taken specifically to the location of that car on eBay’s website where its displayed for sale

Furthermore, with buildanichestore, you will be able to build any type of eBay niche website you want whether its watches, furnitures, phones, computers, real estate etc. It’s designed to work with all categories of eBay products. BANS also automatically updates as soon as new products are added to eBay’s marketplace and old listings expire so you won’t border about editing new products anytime they are added for sale at eBay marketplace. When you purchase build a niche store, you also get an easy to follow step by step manual which will guide you through the technically inexperienced aspect of setting up your eBay affiliate website, 9 professional template layouts which you can use to customize your website from the inside of your control panel to suit the niche of your choice, lifetime member forum access, customer support services and most importantly, an unlimited domain license which you can use to build as many eBay niche websites as you wish and also marketing tips which you can use to send traffic to your eBay niche website. Example of BANS niche website is [,%20that]

Local Ad Link Review – Is Local Ad Link a Cash Cow Or a Dash Now?

Looking at online marketing? Considering joining Local Ad Link or you are already in and aren’t sure what to do next. Before you sink your teeth in to this program let me share some of my experience with you to save you some time and money with online advertising. I joined Local Ad Link in January of 2009 with great excitement as the product was producing awesome results for our real estate business. We went from paying $5500/year for our online advertising to $1200/year and getting more hits with our Local Ad Link ad. Of course, like any normal person, I started to share this product with our closest friends and business associates. Why keep a good thing to yourself, especially when you can get paid to share it with others? Here’s what I found, the service was very marketable at that time because of the sheer volume of traffic that the ads were getting. The challenge – Local Ad Link seemed to be reselling Google Ad Words and there was not enough capital to support the demand that the field created.

What Happened?

Local Ad Link started off great, they brought in some industry players who knew how to bring a product/service into the market place, the only problem, they lacked the infrastructure to support this hyper growth that they experienced. They started off on November 2008 and were expecting to have 5,000 associates by March 2009, instead they had 50,000. A couple of key points here, the pay plan was obviously good as it attracted many people in a short amount of time and the product was working as the only way to make the pay plan work was to sell the product. So what was a miss? Management.

In order for a company to ride the wave of success for more than a couple of months or a few short years it MUST have proper management and LEADERSHIP. And with that means having the FUNDING to support the growth that your leaders in the field are creating. Otherwise, the company literally IMPLODES.

Now What?
In saying this, I do believe Local Ad Link stands a good chance of pulling through this rocky start. The directory itself has become a hub for information on local business. They have also taken some great strides in the funding arena and looks like they will be able to now guarantee FIRST page placement on Google. I can tell you from FIRSTHAND experience in marketing this product that is what the business owners want. When it comes to online marketing it is all about exposure and if your not on page 1 of number 1 you may as well not be there at all! Local Ad Link has partnered with industry leaders who know online advertising so I believe they will turn out to have a viable product. Is it too late for their reputation in the world of online marketing? Keep your eye on their Alexa rating as this is a good piece of 3rd party information that will give you insight to whether or not the marketplace is accepting Local Ad Link and using the service.

I hope this helps in your pursuit of success online.

Brandy Price

NVALEO Review – Can NVALEO Be Your Ticket to Success?

Inside this review I will candidly expose the inner workings of the NVALEO business opportunity from the products to the compensation plan. My goal is to give you working knowledge so that you can make an educated decision about whether or not you should partner with this company.

The product is unlike anything that I have ever seen in this marketplace. Simply explained NVOLEO is an “enrichment system” for people who are chasing the America dream of prosperity and freedom. The system provides top tier training by world renowned teachers on real estate, personal development and wealth creation.

In today’s tough economical times, companies are rapidly turning to knowledge as a product in their business. People are running scared about what they should do with their future. Educated people have found that years of schooling has not provided them with the tools they need to create a lifelong passive income. Education on wealth is a priority in the minds of many people.

Similar to Ilearning Global and Wealth Masters International, NVALEO is dedicated to cutting the learning curve to becoming a more developed and wealthy person, from the comfort of your home. Through the use of a portable box that is looks like a typical digital cable box, you have access to you training and development tools virtually anywhere you travel.

As well providing a top tier education, the company comes with an opportunity to create additional streams of income with an MLM compensation structure. Direct sales, team building and developer check matching have created a very lucrative compensation plan.

One thing that still amazed me after 18 months of building a business in this industry is that people still get started and expect the business to build itself. Maybe it is the hype of the people promoting their business, but I think that people are just so desperate for change in their life they actually hope for success more than really expect it.

The statistics for this industry are staggering when it comes to the rate of success. Without getting into statistics, let me tell you that the odds of you being successful are stacked not in your favor. NVALEO will be no different. This is an marketing business that is constantly being embarked on by people who have never really learned how to market.

You have to remember that this is a Network Marketing business, which means you have to understand the fundamentals of network and the fundamentals of marketing to ever even have a shot at being successful.

Success is simple. At it really takes is knowledge and action. Building a highly successful business is not hard when you come into it with the knowledge and tools of how to run a business. I have watched thousands of people fall from a cliff in this industry because they never took the time to step out of their comfort zone and do what was needed.

It is amazing what a little training and some massive action can do for you in your lifetime. The fact is, it is you and not your company that determines how successful you are going to be. Not the other way around.

So take a minute and learn how to network and market your business before you ever “partner” up with any anyone.